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Merchant of Venice Essay

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❶Antonio demonstrates his love for his kinsman Bassanio throughout their relationship and even before the action of the play begins. Bassanio owes Antonio money and seeks to repay his debt by marrying Portia, a wealthy heiress.

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A Character Study of Shylock

Antonio, in the past, has helped people escape the consequences of their contracts with Shylock, the usurer, by lending them money at no interest. Antonio must sign a bond promising to sacrifice a pound of his flesh to Shylock, so that the usurer will lend Bassanio money for his quest.

Gratiano must agree to curb his usual behavior if Bassanio is to allow him to join his expedition. Morocco must leave Portia and remain a bachelor for the rest of his life, for failing to solve the riddle of the three caskets. Aragon suffers the same fate as Morocco for failing in his choice.

Shylock intends to have Antonio arrested for being unable to repay the loan on time. Portia gives Bassanio a ring which he must wear to prove his love for her. Antonio has been taken into custody so that he cannot escape from Shylock. Shylock insists the Venetians must allow him to fulfill the terms of his bond, otherwise Venice will lose its good international standing.

Portia decrees that, according to Venetian law, Shylock is liable to a fine and possible execution for attempting to harm a citizen. Shylock is forced to sign a deed, willing his possessions upon his death to Lorenzo and agreeing to become a Christian.

Bassanio breaks his agreement with Portia by giving the disguised Portia her ring. Gratiano breaks a parallel agreement with Nerissa. Portia and Nerissa censure their future husbands for violating their agreements about the rings.

Portia reveals that she and Nerissa provoked the violation. Topic 2 Much is made of differences between races and religions in The Merchant of Venice. Her hatred for her father motivated her to steal his jewels and ducats before she left. This action is negative because it is wrong for her to steal, especially from her father. From the motivation of both love for Lorenzo and hate for Shylock, Jessica converts to the Christian religion and plans to marry Lorenzo.

They are positive because Jessica is doing what her heart and love is telling her to do, even though her father does not agree. Hate is a very strong and dark emotion that motivates the actions of Shylock in a negative way. I have sworn an oath that I will have my bond. This quote clearly identifies that shylock has sworn on oath that he will have his bond and nothing will get in his way until he gets what he deserves yet even when he is offered back double the money Shylock purely out of hate refuses.

The hate from Shylock to Antonio comes from his hatred of Christians. This quote indicates that Shylocks negative actions are all motivated from hatred because Antonio is simply a Christian. In conclusion, love and hate are two very common emotions expressed throughout the play Merchant Of Venice.

Love and hate are two emotions that can motivate people to do both good and bad things. They both positively and negatively affect characters such as Antonio, Jessica and Shylock. Home Essays Merchant of Venice Essay.

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- The Merchant Of Venice by William Shakespeare The "Merchant Of Venice" is a poem I have studied recently and will be going on to describe it's four themes - Love/Hate/Friendship and Money. I will go on to describe contrasting characters in the .

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Merchant of Venice literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Merchant of Venice.

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The Merchant Of Venice Essay Examples. total results. An Analysis of the Character of Antonio in The Merchant of Venice. 1, words. 2 pages. A Comparison of Shakespeare's the Merchant of Venice and Much Ado . I. Thesis Statement: In The Merchant of Venice, characters display an impulse to categorize one another on the basis of religious and racial characteristics, but this is frequently complicated by certain characters’ actual behavior.

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Merchant of Venice I agree with the statement saying that the main issues of The Merchant of Venice are credited to the development of Shylock and Portia. Throughout the story, the characters of Shylock and Portia are the ones who raise many significant matters to do with Venetian society and even our society today. Essay on Portia of William Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice Words | 3 Pages Portia of William Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice The merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare in which is a drama, it shows us mercy, love and forgiveness.