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Why did the Senate reject the Treaty of Versailles?

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❶The plebiscite allowing the Danish population of northern Schleswig to choose between joining Denmark or remaining with Germany was unarguably consistent with the principle of national self-determination.

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Now I think that both Wilson and the senate led to the defeat of the treaty. For one of my body paragraphs i will discuss how Wilson told his people not to vote on the compromise, but im not sure what to use for my other two body paragraphs and im kinda crunched on time so if anyone could give me an idea or walk through the essay with me it would be greatly appreciated. This is my first AP class: Use this to compare his 14 points to the treaty that was trying to pass and why he would be the main cause of it's failure.

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Posting of quizzes or lists of questions. Please tell us what you know about how the treaty of Versailles changed Europe and Germany, and we'll be glad to add our comments and critique your Scial Studies Why did Henry Cabot Lodge oppose the Treaty of Versailles?

He thought the treaty was to harsh on Germany B. He thought The United States should stay out of world affairs C. Which of the following apply to fascism? Select all that apply. A rooted in militarism B extreme nationalism C respect for minorities D blind loyalty to the state I think its A,B, and c 2. Social Studies Which country fought in the war, but did not sign the Treaty of Versailles? Germany My answer is Untied States This treaty affected Germany specifically transformed Europe and.

Forced upon Austria, and gave some of it's land to the new state of Poland. The treaty signed with international law paper can you please revise.

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Treaty of Versailles: How America, The big 3 all had different needs and objectives from the Treaty of Versailles, most of the allies had different aims, to aid themselves, the French wanted security, whilst the USA wanted a progressive peace. Your online site for school work help and homework help. Science, English, History, Civics, Art, Business, Law, Geography, all free! Science; English; History; Some compromises were required. It was the French who had most of their demands met when the Treaty of Versailles (a palace on the outskirts of Paris) was agreed by the Entente.

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[High School US History]Treaty of Versailles (truehuppv.cfrkHelp) submitted 2 years ago * by madtings99 HI! first time on here so not sure how this works but i need help with this essay prompt: President Wilson's actions and mindset, rather than Senate and popular opposition, led to the defeat of the Treaty of Versailles in the U.S. Senate. View Homework Help - WEEK 2 - NATIONALISM AND TREATY OF VERSAILLES from HISTORY N at Chamberlain College of Nursing. Topic Print View 6/6/16, PM Week 2: Post War Europe and the Russian94%(50).