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Video: Springfield Armory Custom Shop Gems

September 23, 2013

❶If you can hold a five inch circle at 15 to 20 yards, you're good to go.

Something old, something new

Just the specs ma’am
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The hood was blued and fit tightly against the breech, adding to its solid appearance. The Professional is a reminder of just how many modifications and refinements can be applied to the pistol. The standard length guide rod was retained, but the tight bushing fit required the use of a wrench. The slide-stop pin had been machined flush with the right side of the frame and beveled to prevent any possibility of it being pressed and causing a stoppage.

The ambidextrous safeties were narrow but easy to use, blending in with the profile of the grips. The low-mount rear night sight by Novak was sunk cleanly into the slide, with the rear notch as far to the rear as possible.

The dovetail of the front-sight blade all but disappeared into the slide. Frame checkering was ultra clean, and the magwell was melded neatly in place. The mainspring housing was flat. The grip safety did offer a raised area to ensure activation. The Professional arrived with six seven-round magazines made by Metalform, all of which worked perfectly.

Each magazine was fit with a rubber base pad to extend its length far enough below the magazine well to allow for positive loading and add durability to the magazines should they be dropped.

Our inspection revealed only one variation from what was promised. The brochure listed a custom-tuned 4. A call to the Custom Shop assured us that weight of trigger pull can be specified, but for carry Springfield Armory does not recommend setting the trigger to less than 4. In our head to head match up of the Mil-Specs, we had deferred to the poor sights on the Auto Ordnance and collected accuracy data at 15 yards.

Taking the Professional to the range, we felt no such restriction and fired 25 yards downrange from a rest to determine accuracy. We used the very same ammunition to test the Custom Shop Professional as we did in our test of the Mil-Spec models. Our handload featuring the grain moly-coated Precision bullet and Hodgdon Clays powder varied in group size from 1. The Black Hills ammunition consistently printed five-shot groups measuring 1. I had only one loose and rattling.

However, after firing my personal Colt Match Target. I bought a stainless loaded Springfield some years ago now, and on firing it the first time, it was a fine single shot. It would not feed ball ammo. I found the fault, the magazine well front that is the feed ramp in a standard was so rough that a cartridge would not load into the chamber.

I polished the frame, and it became a 10 to 15 shooter before stoppages reoccurred. On inspection the breech face was about the roughness of 80 grit sandpaper, and would scrub off enough brass to cause a feed problem. The breech face needed polishing, but would cause a headspace problem.

At this point I contacted Springfield and was told that I needed to send it in for warranty work, and I would be reimbursed for the shipping. Springfield offers no fewer than 14 models within their Loaded line. The weight actually becomes something of an advantage, when you consider how this baby shoots — and shoot it does. The heft of the pistol makes it that much easier to control the recoil you find when shooting any. A match-grade barrel provides that little extra bit of fit that improves your accuracy every shot.

The grip of a is the standard by which everyone else relates the size and feel of their grips — the benchmark against what everyone other pistol is compared. Some prefer the typically thicker grips of a double-stack magazine you can find a few style pistols out there like that, too.

Some favor smaller grips. As for me, I can comfortably shoot just about anything, but I keep coming back to the The ILS is a sop to those that insist that two safeties on a pistol are not enough. Purists find the ILS an annoyance. Trigger locks and the ILS do nothing more than prevent you from using the gun when you need it the most. All s are NOT created equal. Make no mistake — the Springfield Loaded is not a custom gun. Keep in mind that one thing most s share, regardless of manufacturer, is a pretty hefty pricetag.

The gun ships in a custom, lockable carry case, along with an extra magazine, two ILS keys, and cleaning tools. I would judge fit and finish to be excellent, especially in a gun with these custom-class features. One thing to note — I wanted to upgrade to some sights that combine tritium with fibre optics.

On my personal gun, one of the grip screws would not tighten. Turns out, the screw had stripped out the threads within the frame. Springfield, however, offers an excellent warranty program, and my gun was repaired and returned within three days.

If you like the feel of a in your hand, firing it is a pleasure. Course, that could be the. Sights, lights, silencers, lasers, you name it, and you can get it for the —- one of the most customizable guns on planet Earth.

And this one is about the best you can get, short of spending the big bucks on a custom job. Long aluminum match grade, lbs.

The opinions expressed within this review are those of the reviewer, and do not necessarily reflect those of anybody else, including TTAG. Neither the reviewer nor TTAG have received any considerations — either in the form of money, free stuff, tickets, t-shirts, trips or any other swag — in exchange for this review.

In fact, the gun reviewed here is the personal property of the reviewer, and he paid for it out of his own pocket. Springfield is sort of like Porsche; it is fond of making running changes to its product without necessarily informing the buying public. I recently purchased the Black Stainless Loaded Combat model. It is a beautiful piece and draws ooohs and aaahs from everyone who sees it. I really wanted the Black Stainless competition model, but finding any Black Stainless model on dealer's shelves is next to impossible right now.

The current Combat model has Novak sights with tritium inserts and a non-ambidexterous, non-extended safety. The grips are Pearce rubber.

The fit and finish is generally quite good. The slide to frame fit is tight with absolutely no rattle. The carry bevel job they did is perfect. Nothing to snag or cut, but it doesn't make the gun look like a used bar of soap. To that end, I needed to make some changes to make it really competetive. First, the trigger pull was impossible. Out of the box it measured almost eight pounds.

I realize this gun was designed for combat but this is ridiculous. It felt like the designer of the "New York trigger" on certain Glocks had some input on this one. Fortunately, the has more custom parts available than any other firearm.

I have ordered a complete trigger pull set from Cylinder and Slide that will drop the pull to a crisp 3. This is light enough for competition, but not a dangerous "hair trigger". I have an all-out race gun with a one pound trigger, and believe me, you have to be careful about sneezing too hard around it.

The set from Cylinder and Slide does it right. It includes a new hammer, disconnector, main spring, sear, and trigger spring; and all are carefully matched. I plan to put a Techwell Carry type magwell system on the gun. The magazine well on the gun comes beveled and the magwell system is not absolutely necessary, but the Techwell system comes with a set of machined Alumagrips that I just love.

All this brings the Combat model up to the specs of the competition model. The only difference is that the competition model has adjustable sights. I really don't think they are necessary in action pistol.

This game isn't bullseye. If you can hold a five inch circle at 15 to 20 yards, you're good to go. Thanks for your post. I was very interested because I have just begun to participate in CMP competition and the gun specs are pretty specific. Any cmp info is greatly appreciated. I was "fence-setting" on the Springfield until I read your reviews. I am not a competitive shooter, just a casual target shooter, but I have quite a few s and have an opportunity to add the Springfield to my collection.

I have recently purchased a Springfield A-1 loaded model. It is everything you said and more. I do carry it occasionally but I am a lb.

I got this to be able to shoot because my Kahr P45 was beating me to death… Very satisfied with my purchase. While I love the wood grips, I put on rubber ones for added comfort. Keep up the great work on the reviews… Really enjoyed it and it helped me make up my mind. Just had trijicon night sights installed on my R. Waiting for the Wilson combat magazines which will complete my upgrade.

Anyone out there that upgraded their R. I have put a ton of ammo threw it. These guns sure do get good reviews. It was embarassing at the range the first time out. Then I put the. When I qualified for plate-shooting I used a Rock Island with unadjusted sights and a loose ft. I was cold and shivering too. This Springie could not have done it. I have the same problem. Because some of them are not fitted very well, IMO.

I have one of the N frames. Reliability and accuracy has been excellent. This version weighs in at 33 ozs, but that is a great tradeoff for a pistol with a forged stainless steel frame and slide that will be passed down to future generations.

Any warrantable repairs are paid for by Springfield, including shipping both ways, and they are considered to have one of, if not the best, customer service shop in the business. One of the top gunsmiths in the country, Dave Williams, heads up the Custom Shop at Springfield, and, if you ever decide on special work for your pistol, The Custom Shop is a fine place to send it.

Stock trigger pull was guaranteed for lbs mine came in at 5. I sent mine in for an action job to get the trigger down to a nice crisp 4 lbs for carry, and got the gun back 6 days after I dropped it off at FedEx. I am very satisfied with this pistol! It sounds good, but I like to see things in writing. They fixed my XD that was in my estimation damaged by the aftermarket cerakote I had put on it…for free…after I told them that the warranty was voided.

With all of that, I am at least the 3rd owner of this gun. The only thing i found wrong with the article was when the author put down Glock. I only had one ,it was a Springfield Armory Ultra Compact. Bought it new,it jamned every other round. I have seven Glocks out of which i have had only ONE malfunction. It was a hard primer,took 4 whacks to fire it.

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In the end, only one gun survived and met all of the FBI’s demands. The result is the most torture tested, durable, and reliable s ever made. It’s called the Springfield Armory Professional A1. This gun defines the Springfield Custom Shop.

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Gun Review: Springfield Armory’s TRP Compact The TRP Compact uses six-round, stainless steel magazines. For faster reloads, the Springfield Custom Shop installs a Smith & Alexander magazine well. For faster reloads, the Springfield Custom Shop installs a Smith & Alexander magazine well.

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At Springfield Custom™ our pistolsmiths do things the old Old World way, like individually hand fitting every major component in your gun. Our custom pistolsmiths have over combined years of experience building custom pistols in this very shop; many of whom are distinguished members of the American Pistolsmith Guild. We tested and evaluated a A1 Professional from the Springfield Armory Custom Shop. This gun sold for $, or about four times the price of our Mil-Specs. The connection was that a customer can send his Springfield Mil-Spec to the Custom Shop and for $1,, Springfield Armory will apply an upgrade in parts and workmanship called the “Professional” package.

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There's more to Springfield Armory than just off-the-shelf XD pistols. Its custom shop is more than capable of turning out heirloom-quality firearms. The Springfield Armory Range Officer is well-suited to high-volume shooters. This review of the Springfield Armory Range Officer Pistols from the company’s custom shop have.