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Family Genogram and Analysis Paper

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❶Most of my uncles, grandparents and aunts also have blue eyes.

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Family Genogram Docment Essay Sample
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Another trait that I find interesting is eye color. Everyone in my family, especially the immediate families have a dominant eye color. We all have blue eyes in our family. Most of my uncles, grandparents and aunts also have blue eyes. It is therefore a pre dominant characteristic in the extended family. Another trait which I found out while researching my families genogram is that there are very many females in our family.

I found that the number of females compared to the males was relatively larger. I found this observation rather peculiar but it has something to do with genealogy. In our family, the female sex genes seem to be the winning genes more often.

My father has four sisters, that is my aunts and my mother has three sisters. All of my mother sisters have daughters. This shows that the female gene is stronger in our family. As our extended family grows bigger and bigger through marriage and production of offspring, the less predictable certain characteristics are because of the presence of another genetic set of characteristics coming from another family.

This mixture of families and new offspring brings in new genes and family characteristics. There were staunch Christians and they instilled their beliefs and religions to my grandparents. My grandparents then moved to Georgia where they raised my parents there. My mother and father separated when I was about 18 years. This was really hard on my younger siblings who at the moment did not quite understand what was going on. My parents were arguing very much and that really affected all of us.

This affected my brother the most because he really looked up to my parents. My father started physically abusing my mother and they did not get along. This made us resent our father and up to date we do not get along. Most of the time they used to argue about my stepfather. My younger sister resented my father most and she started hating all men. She started having only female friends and did not get along with her male classmates.

This abuse really affected my father and caused her to get high blood pressure and depression. My father and mother later on separated and finalized that with a divorce. My mother later on found love and her wounds began healing. Even though she was getting better socially and emotionally, she still lived in constant fear and depression. She also had shame due to the incident.

My mother very strong and is the pillar of our family. We always look up to her for very many things which make her the strongest person in our family. My brother took up the role and became the man of the house. He also studies very hard in school so as not to disappoint my mother the way my father disappointed her. It puts a lot of pressure on him but in a good way since he turns negative feelings to positive work.

Our youngest sister is the most affected one since she is slow with her school work and chores at home. Conclusion This genogram project has made me aware of my family ties and relations. It has also led me to realize how the general environment has influenced my family as a whole unit. Assessment and Intervention 3rdrd ed. Looking through the window, mother is at the kitchen sink, drying the last dish from dinner. Father, brother, and sisters still sit at the dinner table laughing at the silly tricks of their dog.

Anyone would know immediately that this is a family. However, the traditional notion of a family is fading away. Modern technology, divorce rates and single parents, and the race to compete After finishing the first chapter, I began to think that the entire book would be filled with anecdotal stories similar to that in chapter one.

However, it became immediately apparent, after finishing chapters two and three, that this was not the case. Instead, the first chapter simply served as The agreements are reached by family members or spouses cannot be lawfully operated.

The case is Balfour v Balfour. At the time that they travelled to England, Ms. Balfour unfortunately felt unwell then the doctor said she should stay in England until she recuperated. Later, due to the separation, Mr. From a sociological perspective, family is defined as a social unit or structure, with members interconnected by a certain bond or ties.

Family is known to shape, promote growth, and offer sense of protection. It is also considered to be a pillar of society because of the values it passes onto its members.

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This personal exploration, however, is still occurring in the context of a genogram instrument that has been designed and refined by others. It is also an academic exercise. For these reasons, your document should adhere to APA 6th edition style and formatting, with the exception of the noted first-person allowance. As with any proper academic writing, you should establish a premise cite and reference for the use of the genogram before launching into your personal exploration.

Skip to content support superbessaywriters. Family Genogram and Analysis Paper Construct a three-generational genogram of your family of origin.

Your assignment is composed of two parts: Genogram Make sure to include the following in your genogram: The delineation of family relationships close, overly close, conflictual, or cut off. Information such as chronic or terminal illnesses, ethnic backgrounds, alcoholism, suicides, mental health issues, diversity and sociocultural factors, occupations, education, and career choices in your family history.

Information relevant to describe the family system, particularly information that helps the viewer better understand some of the prominent relationship delineations and dynamics in the family. Analysis Paper Complete the following in your analysis paper: Analyze your three-generational family genogram for intergenerational themes, relationship patterns, and life-cycle transitions.

Ask yourself questions such as: What do these patterns mean in my family? How have these patterns made me who I am? How do the themes or patterns identify my family? How have these patterns influenced change in my life? Reflect upon the career counseling readings so far in this course.

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PSYC HG&D Genogram Paper Upon reviewing my family history for this project, I discovered many shared characteristics as a result of both nature and nurture.

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Family Subsystem Genograms Paper Words | 12 Pages. Family Genogram Project Liberty University Family Genogram Project The purpose of a student construing a genogram is to help a student gain an understanding of his/her family background. By gaining knowledge of one family it can help the student assist other understand how .

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The Genogram paper is not a family history but rather is characterized by discussion and analysis of dynamics within the student’s family. This paper is largely an interpretive analysis of the one-page genogram drawing and should include information and history only as is helpful in demonstrating the underlying feelings, motivations, and. Genogram Family Analysis. When I take a look at my family genogram it is really amazing how much was known on my Dads side of the family and how little is known about my mothers side of the family. Extracts from this document.

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Family Genogram Docment Essay Sample. Introduction After full length research and discussions with my relatives, I found out that we all shared certain similar characteristics. Wilkinson Paige Wilkinson truehuppv.cfon Individual and Family Relationships 18 June Genogram Paper: The Gene¶s That Govern My Growth At young 5/5(1).