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The Aspern Papers

Argento, Dominick

❶Later, Juliana offers to sell a portrait miniature of Aspern to the narrator for an exorbitant price.

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The Aspern Papers is a opera in two acts with music and libretto by Dominick Argento, commissioned by The Dallas Opera. It is based on the novella The Aspern Papers by Henry James. The opera premiered on November 19,

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DALLAS The Aspern Papers Dallas Opera 4/12/13 T wenty-five years ago, Dallas Opera commissioned its first world premiere, The Aspern Papers, from American composer Dominick Argento. Argento's thirteenth opera, Aspern was adapted from H. Before getting into the substance of this review, let me say this. The Dallas Opera production of Dominick Argento's The Aspern Papers is spectacular, but in a subtle way. (You will understand.

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The Aspern Papers is a novella by American writer Henry James, In the Dallas Opera presented the world premiere of Dominick Argento's opera The Aspern Papers. In , Les Papiers d'Aspern, scenic adaptation by Jean Pavans, staged by Jacques Lassalle. 'The Aspern Papers' is a great story, it's thematically intriguing, with an unforgettable double climax that one can discuss and rave about for hours and a tension reminiscent of a mystery story, and has fully realised, complex characters.