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Gun Control Pros and Cons: 3 Points on Both Sides of Debate

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❶The objective of gun control is to prevent anarchy not gun ownership. Notwithstanding the fact that gun control articles have listed the gun control pros and cons , thereby making it easy for the people to analyze these details and evaluate them for themselves, some legislators are busy making rules that will effectively block independent organizations like the National Institute of Health from studying gun violence.

I support pro-gun control due to the following reasons. The first reason is an increase in the level of murders with its help. However, here we should proceed from the mentality and culture of a particular country. The legalization of weapons in countries with low legal and civic culture will become a method of mass extermination in a matter of days. Conversely, in countries where human life is recognized as the highest value, this conviction will only be strengthened by the use of weapons.

The gun does not help defend against the perpetrator. There is a number of nuances. First, this argument in itself is not against legalization. The inability to defend himself against the criminal with the help of a pistol is a sign of the uselessness of the gun. Next are nuances of a more complex nature, which, by the way, cause the greatest number of disputes.

For example, it is argued that when meeting a serious criminal, there is very little chance of shooting him, as he attacks swiftly, unexpectedly and with the intention of quickly disabling the victim. The effect of the gun in most cases makes sense to consider when the enemy is clearly visible and has not yet paralyzed the owner of the gun. Are there many such cases in criminal practice?

In real life, weapons must be periodically cleaned, purchased and placed a special safe for its storage, pass the commission, learn how to use it.

In a situation where some people are limited in finances, this task seems not that impossible, but unlikely. Without the creation of an appropriate weapons infrastructure, it will be a dangerous enterprise — to give people guns and not to teach them how to use it. Moreover, crime should be fought not by citizens, but by law enforcement agencies. There is no sense in arguing. Normally working militia, with an adequate policy of the state, gives an effect that exceeds the effects of legalization.

If this were not the case, all countries would have given automatic weapons to all citizens long ago, and the police would have been dissolved. The organized struggle works well and not personal clashes. The criminal is afraid of strong and incorruptible policemen, and not armed citizens. After all, a debate does not have to be a formal one. The question where the gun control debate is heading to come from the fact that there have been innumerable rounds of this debate, but no conclusion seems to have been reached.

Gun control facts show what has been happening around us. Therefore, gun control although it sounds like a good idea at first, in the long run, it is much worse for the country. First off, criminals will always find a way to get guns if they are restricted or if they are not. If people are going to accept these facts passively, then gun control debates will end up only as an academic exercise.

Gun crime statistics should make us sit up and evaluate the gun control pros and cons. Does the fact that guns are increasingly being used for committing murders not contradict the argument of the pro -gun lobbies that guns are for protection? In this case the crime rate will skyrocket due to the criminals killing for their guns. Another shocking detail is that the number of suicides is higher in regions that have a lower number of gun owning people. So, gun ownership can be a way to deter the suicides.

On the other hand, most of the crimes in the United States are deterred by the use of the gun. Other countries use the experience of the US that has implemented strict gun control laws. The victim in a sense will not become a victim if they have a gun. Next off, the NRA National Rifles Association has made no secret of its stand of not compromising on its opposition to gun control. The NRA seems to be acting like a lobby, not like a club. They agree that the second amendment gave us the rights as citizens to bear arms so the people should be allowed too.

It seems that there has been an overdose of gun crime statistics. People have been exposed to these kinds of statistics in gun control debates that have been going on for a long time with both the sides sticking to their guns. So, it appears that people have to look beyond gun crime statistics and look at gun control facts from a slightly different perspective.

One reason for this approach is that the pro- gun lobby does not seem to be moved by gun death statistics and keeps on advocating its opposition to any form of gun control. Another reason, is that gun crime statistics have been heard so often that there is no need to repeat them. Instead of quoting figures people should think of what the consequences will be if guns are banned. The US will have to deal with things such as the black market rather than gun control.

When they control the guns the criminals will just go to the black market to get their guns. The information people get from countries that have gone ahead with making gun control laws have a way higher gun crime and the black market is more prevalent. The gun crime statistics from these countries reveal that after these laws have come into force, there has been a steep increase not only in the number of murders but also in the number of suicides.

So, how do the pro -gun control groups react to these reports? Unfortunately, they have not been impressed by these facts.

Their attitude to gun crime statistics has always been lukewarm. Since the facts are not on their side, they employ other means. The NRA National rifles Association , for example, has made no secret of its decision to not accept any compromise on the issue of gun control. It has been threatening legislators that it will work for their defeat in the primaries, if they do not toe the line of the NRA.

The threat seems to be working, with some legislators making attempts to change the rules in such a way that organizations like the CDC will not be able to study gun violence. One remarkable thing about the gun control debate is that though this debate has been carried on for the past few decades ever since gun control became a serious issue after President Kennedy was gunned down by an assassin, it has been able to sustain the interest of the people.

People have listened to many gun control pros and cons but somehow, people engaging in the gun control debate have been successful in keeping the debate lively and engrossing.

The debate itself has been kept alive because of our failure to bring in a strong gun control regime in spite of going over a volley of gun control facts again and again. One reason for the gun control debate remaining lively is the emergence of new gun crime facts.

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This essay will discuss the pros and cons of gun control. Some U.S. States have already adopted some of these gun control laws. I will be talking about the 2nd amendment, public safety, home safety, and do gun control laws really control guns.

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Gun control pros and cons have been discussed innumerable times. They have been thoroughly analyzed in gun control debates. But since both the advocates and opponents of gun control stick to their positions, the issue remains unresolved. I am listing below a few important gun control pros and cons and evaluating them.

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