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Basic Definitions: Advertising, Marketing, Promotion, Public Relations and Publicity, and Sales

What is 'Marketing'

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The Top 30 Marketing Terms And Definitions You Need To Know
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One Definition of Advertising

A type of electronic commerce that employs social media to promote Shopping from the comfort of your couch has major benefits - and some unpleasant side effects. There are several alternatives when it comes to online shopping.

The more you know about the reputation of the vendor and the quality of the product, the better your purchase experience will Over the past 10 years, advertising strategies have evolved as a result of technological development as the internet has provided new channels for advertisers to reach a larger audience. Some retailers are putting up some amazing numbers online, and it could point towards successful retail plays.

Here's what the corporations with some of the biggest advertising budgets in the U. E-tailing has changed the way consumers do nearly everything. Do you know how to pick the best retailer? Find out how employer's view these degrees and get some tips on where to go for an online degree.

Marginal cost of production is an economics term that refers to the change in production costs resulting from producing one more unit. Infomercials are often made to closely resemble actual television programming, usually talk shows, with minimal acknowledgement that the program is actually an advertisement. Internet marketing is the use of the Internet to advertise and sell goods and services. Internet Marketing includes pay per click advertising, banner ads, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, interactive advertising, search engine marketing including search engine optimization , blog marketing, article marketing, and blogging.

Interactive advertising can utilise media such as the Internet, interactive television, mobile devices WAP and SMS , as well as kiosk-based terminals. Perhaps one of the most effective implementations of interactive advertising is so-called Viral marketing.

In online marketing, a landing page is a specific web page that a visitor ultimately reaches after clicking a link or advertisement. Often, this page showcases content that is an extension of the link or ad, or the page is optimized for a specific keyword term or phrase to attract search engines. A landing page will often be customized in PPC campaigns, as a way to both monitor the effectiveness of paid ads as well as a way to supply copy, images, or other content that is specifically targeted to the advertisement.

By adding parameters to the linking URL, marketers can compare ad effectiveness based on relative click-through rates.

Lead generation is a marketing term that refers to the manufacture of connections between well-matched consumers and target corporate vendors. There are several methods used in marketing lead generation:. A measure of the quantity and quality of sites that link to your site. Often used as one of the criteria to determine rank on search engines.

The period of time that a substantial segment of the buying public is interested in purchasing a given product or service form. The maximum achievable combined sales volume for all sellers of a specific product during a specific time period, in a specific market. Market research is the process of systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about customers, competitors and the market.

Market research can help create a business plan, launch a new product or service, fine tune existing products and services, expand into new markets, etc. It can be found out what market characteristics your target market has. With market research, companies can learn more about current and potential customers.

Market segmentation is the process in marketing of dividing a market into distinct subsets segments that behave in the same way or have similar needs. Because each segment is fairly homogeneous in their needs and attitudes, they are likely to respond similarly to a given marketing strategy. That is, they are likely to have similar feelings and ideas about a marketing mix comprised of a given product or service, sold at a given price, distributed in a certain way, and promoted in a certain way.

The percentage of the total sales from all sources of a service or product represented by the sales made by your enterprise. A statement implicit or explicit of how a brand or product line will achieve its objectives. The strategy provides decisions and direction regarding variables such as the segmentation of the market, identification of the target market, positioning, marketing mix elements, and expenditures. A marketing strategy is usually an integral part of a business strategy that provides broad direction to all functions.

Mass media is a term used to denote, as a class, that section of the media specifically conceived and designed to reach a very large audience such as the population of a nation state. It was coined in the s with the advent of nationwide radio networks, mass-circulation newspapers and magazines, although mass media was present centuries before the term became common. A media advisory is an abbreviated form of alerting the media when an event is about to happen, but there is not a lot of time before it occurs.

Only pertinent data — but not too much, is relevant in this advisory: The opinion leader is the agent who is an active media user and who interprets the meaning of media messages or content for lower-end media users. Typically the opinion leader is held in high esteem by those that accept their opinions.

Opinion leadership tends to be subject specific, that is, a person that is an opinion leader in one field may be a follower in another field. An example of an opinion leader in the field of computer technology, might be a neighbourhood computer service technician. The technician has access to far more information on this topic than the average consumer and has the requisite background to understand the information.

A program where membership is restricted to users who specifically requested to take part, such as a newsletter. A type of program that assumes inclusion unless stated otherwise. A podcast is a media file that is distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds, for playback on portable media players and personal computers. The latter may also be termed podcasting. The host or author of a podcast is often called a podcaster.

In other words — the perception of the product or service to the prospect that is developed through ads. Pay per click PPC is an advertising technique used on websites, advertising networks, and search engines. The advertiser pays only when the user clicks on the ad.

A news release, press release or press statement is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value. Commercial newswire services are also used such as Eworldwire to distribute news releases. The act of furthering the growth or development of something; especially: Public relations PR is the business, organizational, philanthropic, or social function of managing communication between an organization and its audiences.

There are many goals to be achieved by the practice of public relations, including education, correcting a mistruth, or building or improving an image. The subjects of publicity include people for example, politicians and performing artists , goods and services, organizations of all kinds, and works of art or entertainment. From a marketing perspective, publicity is one component of promotion.

The other elements of the promotional mix are advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling. Promotion is one component of marketing. Between the client and selected target audiences, publicity is the management of product- or brand-related communications between the firm and the general public.

RFM is a method used for analyzing customer behavior and defining market segments. It is commonly used in database marketing and direct marketing and has received particular attention in retail.

RFM stands for Recency — When was the last order? Frequency — How many orders have they placed with us? Monetary Value — What is the value of their orders? Return on Investment ROI , is the ratio of money gained or lost on an investment relative to the amount of money invested. RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts.

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The field of marketing is very diverse and ranges from word of mouth advertising to corporate brochures. Here's a glossary of marketing of terms.

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Whether you're looking for an obscure phrase or your basic marketing definition, the AMA Dictionary has it all! Originating from the print version in , we're always adding new terms to keep marketers up to date in the ever-evolving marketing profession.

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Marketing is based on thinking about the business in terms of customer needs and their satisfaction. Marketing differs from selling because (in the words of Harvard Business School's retired professor of marketing Theodore C. Levitt) "Selling concerns itself with the tricks and techniques of getting people to exchange their cash for your product. Marketing refers to the activities of a company associated with buying, advertising, distributing or selling a product or service. Dictionary. Term Of The Day RELATED TERMS. Promotion.

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The DMA has compiled a glossary full of marketing terms and definitions covering social media, omnichannel, digital, email, display, direct mail and more. offers a detailed list of marketing terms. To find a definition, click on a term presented below. [glossary-list].